Pistol – Level I

100.00 vrátane DPH

Course date: 19.5.2018
Course location: Pezinok
Time and place of meeting: 8:30 AM in Pezinok, OC Hypernova parking lot in front of the pharmacy
Duration: 1 day / 7-8 hours
Capacity: 6 persons
Course price: €100

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Course contents:

  • theory of shooting, basic components and elements, shooting levels
  • basic – safe handling of firearms, loading and unloading
  • basic stance
  • weapon grips, types of grips, and their impact on shooting
  • triggering and finger action when pulling the trigger
  • aiming and proper eye coordination
  • aiming and its importance
  • repeated shot
  • basics of dominant-hand shooting
  • drill exercise

Gear and armament:

  • seasonal clothing (we even shoot in the rain)
  • notepad and writing supplies
  • eye protection
  • hearing protection
  • belt holster
  • min. 2 magazines, but we recommend 3
  • magazine carriers
  • pistol (provided separately by each course participant)
  • 500 rounds of ammunition (provided separately by each course participant)