1. Contact details for the course provider:
Business name: Shooting Academy Alfa, s.r.o.
Registered office: Mierová 40, Bratislava 821 05
Organisation ID: 44 433 999
Tax ID: 2022717741
VAT ID: SK2022717741

1. Account number for transfers
IBAN: SK18 0900 0000 0006 3305 6987

1. Course registration
Open the “shooting courses” section of the website. Click on the “current courses for 2018” link to open the list of courses organized by our company. Select a course by clicking on the “more information about the course” link. Confirm the course date and enter a type of firearm license into the column or use the option to indicate that you don’t currently have a license. Click on the ORDER COURSE button. The “confirm and order” button follows, where you enter any invoicing (or personal) details, confirm your acceptance of the terms and conditions and click on the “order with payment obligation” button

1. Price
The price for a course is shown in the course description and is inclusive of VAT.

1. Payment and confirmation of course registration
Registered course participants pay for their course as follows:
At least 50% of the price of the course is paid to the course provider’s account within 5 days of course registration. Participation in a course is authorized once payment is received. If no payment is received, the participant is automatically removed from the registration system. The remaining balance is paid at the start of the course in person. A tax receipt is issued for the entire paid amount and sent to the course participant’s address at the end of the month in which the course was held.

1. Cancellation
Cancelling participation in a course is permitted up to 7 days before the course is scheduled to begin using the contact form in the contact section of the website. The amount paid for the course if canceled up to 7 days before the course is scheduled converted to credit that may be used for a different course or at a different time. Cancellation is less than 7 days before the course is scheduled or without notice is forfeited to Shooting Academy Alfa without any compensation.

1. Personal data protection
Course participants grant their consent by confirming and sending the registration form to the processing of their personal data by the course provider under the provisions of §11 (1) of Act No. 122/2013 Coll. on Personal Data Protection as amended. The course provider commits to use the course participant’s personal data and dispose of it in accordance with valid Slovak law. The course provider shall only process the course participant’s personal data for the period required to perform its obligations under the law.

1. Other conditions
a./ Course participants are obliged to follow all organizational and safety instructions from the course provider’s instructors who are leading the course, to arrive at the course on-time and have the required equipment and weaponry.
b./ The provider is authorized to exclude a course participant from a course in the event of a serious violation of organizational and especially safety principles without compensation.
c./ The course provider is authorized to exclude a course participant whose conduct interferes with the course itself and who disturbs other course participants because of their lack of discipline without compensation.
d./ The course provider reserves the right to exclude a course participant from a course if they suspect they are under the influence of alcohol, other inebriating substances or drugs that diminish their capabilities as required to successfully and safely master the course content, without compensation.
e./ The course provider reserves the right to refuse to hold a course. Parties interested in participating in a course shall be informed at least 48 hours before the start of the course and all paid up amounts shall be refunded in full.
f./ The only prerequisite required of non-firearm license holders to attend a shooting course is to sign the affidavit confirming that they are not subject to prosecution for a deliberate crime.
g./ The provider reserves the right to scan the passport or national ID card or similar identification document or card of a foreign national.
h./ Every course participant receives a certification of course completion after the end of the course.