On 7th and 8th April the nineght season of international contest level III. Bathory Cup took place in Čachtice.It was organised by RDA. 309 shooters came to this contest to measure their shooting skills on 14 parkurs. Even though I am shooting more than 25 years I did never shoot 14 situations in one day.Such amount of situations thoroughly checked the shooters abilities on each and different level.We thank to the organizers for 14 difficult and shifty situations and give them recognition for managing the organization of the contest as well as the smooth run if the whole contest.Our shooters proved with their results that they are in promising shape at the beginning of the shooting season.


Senior – 1. place Norbert MICHALÁK 760,2b

Lady – 2. place Zuzka CHLEBOVCOVÁ 731,6b ( to be first she lost not whole 15 points )

Overall – 53. place Vladislav ZÁLEŠAK 570,6b

Pistol Caliber Carbine:

Overall – 1. place Ernest NAGY 1179,5b
10. place Ernest NAGY ml. 1002,7b