Under our guidence a shooting course oriented on short gun for Ministry of Defence of the Slovak Republic military unit 2013 took place from 4th till 5th November in Training Center Lešť. I can’t give any further information about the participants according to certain regulations and internal rules but what I can say that even two instructors from training center Lešť attended this course.
November is not so good for full-featured progressive training as the temperatures are low and plus it was intensively raining. But as the saying says: ‘there is not such a thing as bad wheather there’s just badly dressed shooter’.Therefore we sticked with a rule that fortune favors the prepared ones so we drilled even toiled theese two days. Exactly at this time in training center Lešť was another military training too – Slovak Shield 2019.But considering the size of CV Lešť we honestly didn’t even realized that.
The course was oriented on shooting progress for very high level shooters. Big part of it was oriented to improve the proper grip and lowering of the gun. It was a huge suprise for the participants that one whole day they were shooting without taking out their gun from the holster instead they had it in a ready position in their hand and were moving from target to target.With these shooting techniques we are trying to teach people to control their shooting area through the sights and to realize which of their muscles are most involved during shooting. And they realized it because the next day some of them were complaining how their shoulders, trapezius muscles, biceps, tendons etc. are aching :-).
We paid a big attention to the reaction time, drilling exercises to improve double shots on bigger distances with the right perception of the sights too. And not just the perception of the sights but the speed of focusing the eye and as it was mentioned ‘reading’ through the sights.And of course shooting techniques to improve target moving for short and medium distances with optimal shooting acceptability set up.