From 25th till 27th September we led a three day shooting course in training Center Lešť for the members of Special units Prešov (the exact designation is OPP KRPZ PPÚ Prešov). This course was oriented on a short gun and was proceeded according to the methodology which has our Shooting Academy elaborated for armed forces.Despite of the fact that these men already had several shooting courses we devoted 5 hours to the theory. If one thinks that theory for advanced shooters is a waste of time that is a big mistake.The opposite is true – the man can already in the classroom achieve shooting progress if he understands the essence of dynamic shooting.
If course we made a quick test to find out at which level of shooting our participants are. We can responsibly say we were positively suprised with their high shooting level. Of course there were a lot of bad habits that we ascribe to the courses they’ve taken so far. I will give just one example of all which was for me personally the most disturbing however I tried to ignore it and not to warn the men (even though it was with big self denial).At every exercise when the slide stayed in the rear position they tried to relload it by moving themselves to the side in some cases even sprinting ;-).I am not going to explain the nonsense of this action ( I have a feeling they have it so inprinted in them, stored somwhere in the subconcious that it will be very hard for them to remove this habit) but this article is not about that. Just a short comment:Even tactical relloading of the short gun has it’s rules but definitely escape to the side it’s not one of them! I can’t help myself but I think it is in the curriculum in one unnamed Czech school in Prague.Due to the fact that men from PPU Prešov have shown interest for the long gun training too we can talk about this issue more next tíme.
I think this training met the expectations and I am sure that men from Prešov will include lots of the drilling exercises as well as the methodology into their practise. The men took pictures of target material which we are using for our trainings because without a good target equipment (not just the paper one but the steel one too) you are not able to have a full-featured training nowadays.Those times where for one individual one paper target was enough are long time away! We have our fingers crrosed for them too so they could have their own shooting-gallery as soon as possible. We believe that each county police unit should have their own shooting-gallery.Unfortunately the reality is different.