On 21st and 22nd April a rifle championship of Slovak Republic according to IPSC rules took place in Čachtice. 203 shooters from 17 countries took part in this competition.RDA the organizer of the event prepared 15 shooting situations.On the top shooting range were 2 situations.First shooting from 210 meters and the second from 300 meters.Theese two situations markedly affected the whole results.On the bottom shooting range were very interesting as well as difficult situations.The organizer managed to prepare very balanced and difficult situations.Relatively a lot moving targets, lots of penalised targets, asphalt pigeons and unconfortable positions have thoroughly checked the shooting abilities of each individual. Plus temperature of the air 28 degrees of Celsius and strong sun had the consequence that the rifles did not manage to get cold.Huge thanks belongs to the organizers for the whole competition cause just in the really tough competitions can the shooter move forward and record progress.
Semi Auto Open:
1. Myšiak Michal 1070,98 points
2. Nagy Ernest 1069,98 points
3. Hvízdala Marek 1036,38 points / ČR