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About us

Our company provides a comprehensive shooting program in a dynamic shooting. We offer shooting programs to the public, from beginner shooters and advanced shooters to local law enforcement and members of the armed forces.
We conduct our shooting programs across a variety of levels including handguns, rifles, and shotguns and provide shooting courses to groups or individuals depending on client interest. Corporate shooting events are another event we offer the opportunity to experience shooting a variety of firearms.
Over and above shooting courses, we provide professional consulting focused on preparation for firearm licensing, the selection of a suitable firearm based on user needs and the selection of proper holsters and other firearm accessories.
An integral part of our company is a sports shooting club, which brings together enthusiasts and those interested in dynamic shooting under IPSC rules and is a member of the SADS (Slovak Association of Dynamic Shooting). Members of our club represent Slovakia at international and continental events, as well as the world championships. We also offer education concerning to the safe handling of firearms and work with youth and juniors.
Most of our activities are focused on protection in “active shooter” situations, in which our certified instructors are made available to schools, hospitals, large and medium enterprises with a comprehensive protection program designed to minimise the harm and damage caused by such an active shooter.

Our company’s motto is “safety first”.



Shooting programs are carried out at different levels (levels) from short weapons, long weapons and shotguns, and we offer, besides group shooter courses, individual courses in the interest of clients.

We provide a comprehensive shooting program for:

Shooting courses are primarily intended for those who currently hold firearm licenses. Of course, individuals without firearm licenses may also attend our shooting academy, and the courses themselves are led by experienced instructions with years of experience in leading firearm training activities.
The only prerequisite required of non-firearm license holders to attend a shooting course is to sign the affidavit confirming that they are not subject to prosecution for a deliberate crime.





How to defend against an armed attacker, who is determined to kill in the name of its “truth” and is willing and ready to die?

The 21st century has brought about scientific and technical developments and the acute threat of global terrorism, an amplification of the threat posed by crazed individuals who are willing and able to kill on behalf of their fanatical faith, unfulfilled ideals and a host of other personal motives.
But how does one defend themselves against an armed attacker who is determined to kill on behalf of their own “truth” and who is willing and prepared to die? Is it even possible?
It’s important to note that your life is in your own hands ALONE in the first 15 to 20 minutes of an active shooter situation. You cannot rely on any help other than yourself. First responders are only likely to arrive on scene 15 or 20 minutes later and they are certainly not special police units trained especially for these situations. This is why your conduct is so important and the steps you take so critical to survival.

We offer schools a comprehensive program for protection from an active shooter that includes two components:

A.- the first section trains educators and other school employees.
This gives teachers the opportunity to learn the steps necessary to take in an emergency, such as an active shooter situation. They range from assessing the situation, methods for pre-arranged warnings and barricades to potential evacuation if the circumstances permit. Once the teachers are trained, the teachers themselves prepare their pupils how to properly respond and act in the case of an active shooter situation
ATTENTION! The level of training given to teachers and the pupils themselves is different! Pupils are not provided with compete know-how, after all, the active shooter may even be one of the pupils at the school! Unfortunately, experience in neighboring countries only confirms this.

B. -the second section is a comprehensive model training exercise inside the school with all pupils and teachers in attendance.
If a school is interested, we’d be happy to complete a comprehensive security project for a specific school.

It remains our intention to include the police and other first responders in these model training exercises at a later time. During these training exercises, we rely on the presence and experience of our Czech colleagues, where “active shooter” situations are broken down to the last detail, and they have a tremendous amount of experience on this unique subject.
The school receives a certificate of completion from the “active shooter” course once it completed parts A and B.

"Just as in the case of competent state authorities, the system should be configured to prevent an active shooter scenario as much as possible, meaning every school headmaster and all educational staff need to be aware and respond appropriately to an active shooter situation. Your lives, and the lives of your children, are at stake!"
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XVIII. World Shoot – Handgun 2017


Shooter workout

Wrists and fingers
Pectorals and triceps

Sufficient strength, conditioning, and agility are all critical aspects concerning our focus on dynamic shooting. Dynamic shooting includes IPSC and IDPA shooting, defensive shooting, Western-style shooting, tactical shooting, combat shooting and some Olympic disciplines, including trap, skeet, speed pistol and, in our opinion, the hardest type of dynamic shooting that exists, biathlon.
If a “top” shooter ever tells you that they don’t train physically, you can be sure that they are liberal with the truth. Dynamic shooting is more than just handguns; it includes shotguns and long rifles as well. These firearms require specific physical abilities to successfully control them.
The following chapters provide more details of the exercises we consider important to develop to successfully master dynamic shooting. Some muscle groups are more engaged in dynamic shooting than others. This doesn’t mean that we can ignore these muscle groups, after all the body works as a single unit.
As the name dynamic shooting implies, we are going to need strength and dynamism.

Strength can be divided into:
a./ static strength
b./ dynamic strength and
c./ endurance

You don’t need static strength to master dynamic shooting, and we are convinced that you don’t need it in your everyday life. There is no way to make any progress in dynamic shooting without dynamic strength and endurance. Big muscles are not necessary for someone to possess the right amount of strength. Just the opposite, large muscles may be an unnecessary load, and they have an inherent weight, a weight that is borne by the joints. Large muscles need more oxygen in various activities, and we know well that oxygen simply is in short supply during certain physical activities 🙂
We’ve divided the training exercises themselves into six groups.