On 18 December 2017, I participated in the christening of the book “Na hrane”, which translates to “On the Edge”. The main hero (and I use this term intentionally as anyone who goes from 170 kg to 80 kg in a year cannot be anything other than a hero), is my friend Roman Príhoda. In addition to now living his life to the fullest, he is dedicated to several sporting activities and has a special talent for dynamic shooting. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that his book was christened by one of our successful Olympians, who is a current member of the International Olympic Committee and a successful skeet shooter, Danka Barteková. Interestingly, Danks christened the book with special shotshells that she uses in competitions.

I can fully recommend this book to everyone. Once you read it, you will understand all that you can achieve if you truly want it and set your mind to it.