The 18th season of European Handgun Championship took place from 9th till 13th September 2019 in Belehrad. 1089 shooters from 53 countries of the world took part at this competition and here were states as Australia, Brazil, Indonesia, Kuwait, Philippines, South Africa, USA and Uruguay.

     There was a discussion between the shooters if the countries outside of Europe should take part in the European Championship because they are taking up the slots from European countries. My own personal opinion is that it is very good that these countries are more and more interested in European competitions. I would say that USA or Philippines number one shooters taking part in this competition just add on attractiveness and prestige of European Championship. And on the other side European shooters also take part in championships of Asia, Australia, Pan American games and American Championships. But also I can understand there is a key in IPSC shooting to give away the slots for each country and therefore some countries can feel some sort of injustice.

         There were 24 stages and 460 shots waiting for the shooters. The competition took place at the shooting gallery of the special anti – terrorism unit in Belehrad – CAJ. Before the competition some of the less experienced shooters were spreading rumors that this competition is very easy and some of them were even comparing it to level II competitions. I have to oppose ( and I am sure that after the European championship no one thought it was a level II competition) and I say it was full-fledged championship of Europe with everything what a continental competition should have. Target moving from one to another, quick transfers with many stabilizations, strong and weak hand and the most important was that the whole competition was very quick and there were achieved high hit factors. That means any stagnation with wrong stabilization, mistakes with reloading or loading the guns, extra shots on steel targets were seen in big point loosing and with prolonged time.

Today is very ” modern” to make competitions extremely hard even so much that even advanced shooters loosing their mood to live because of it. It is true that the shooters can improve on difficult shooting stages but everything should be on some balanced level. I personally liked the stages on European Championship and it was good shooting experience.
     Slovakian delegation was formed from 20 shooters for pre – match as well as on the main competition. Despite of this we belonged to the smaller delegations on European Championship, but with our results we definitely didn’t get lost there. On the contrary we achieved the best result in the history of Slovakian dynamic shooting. Judge yourself: 5 individual medals – 3 golden, 1 silver and 1 bronze and 2 team medals – 2 silver.
       The only thing which I am upset about is that the world is getting further from us despite of this results. Except of 2 cases all the medallists were born in 1969 or before ;-). I would still like to point out on the fact that Slovak Republic was represented there with referees too. There were four international referees from Slovakia. It is very important that we can keep up with the world association and on the diplomatic field and our referees makes us a very good name for what a thanks and appreciation belongs to them.
Result of our team members on European Championship
Production Optic Light:
1. Marián Fedor
Production Optic:
7. Ernest Nagy, senior
2nd place team Production Optic overall
11. Norbert Michalák, senior
 2nd place of team senior production
80. Peter Drimaj
12th place of team production overall