On 7th february  in Viena House hotel we organised a seminar on the topic “reaction on crises situations – active attacker”. The presentation was organised in cooperation with our Cech partners from SEC agency (Security education center) so center for secure education.

The main purpose of this seminar was to represent to pedagogoues, employes of  financial institutions, employes of the public and state sectors the possibilities and right procedures in case of crisis situations. Everyone can assess the safety situation in their suroundings, at the workplace, town or country. We can have diametrically different opinions what is the reason for the bad safety  situation and that is absolutely legally in order. But in what we have to find a match are the procedures to use to solve the crisis situations.

In armed forces are used a so-called standard operating  procedures, which are nothing less than a summary of some measures and procedures in solving a crisis situation – extraordinary situations for the purposes of elimination or minimalization of the harmful consequences. We are absolutelly aware that the padagogue primerly is meant to teach, the doctor to heal. But in teaching about criminal victimization – victimology is said that a person potentional chances to become a criminal victim during his lifetime  are two to three. Of course there is a diference to become a victim of street crime as to become a victim of the active attacker.

In spite of that each state has built up repressive components for ensuring public order and securing it´s inhabitants, we know that these componennts can´t always be there  where they are needed. Unfortunatelly the aggression of  offenders is growing. Nowdays Every teacher has personal experiences with aggression in school. Either from students or what is even more upseting from the parents. Same with doctors in the exercise of their profession they come across with aggression. It is most striking at the emergency rescue unit where they have to often deal with people under the influence of alcohol, drugs or people with mental or other disorders. In our seminars we are trying to teach people  how to deal properly with different forms of aggression and one of the basic factors to manage them is to choose the right form of comunication.

We don´t teach people how to eliminate offenders or attackers because that´s the job of slovak police. We teach them how to manage their own actions in crisis situations and with that associated to correctly and timely evaluate the danger and than take steps and measures to reduce the harmful consequences. And the most importatnt is to realize the fact that in case of active attacker, whose only goal is to harm as many people as possible it will depend just and only upon each of us if we are going to survive such a attack. And that will depend on whether our response to the situation will be correct. And whether our response will be correct will be conditional on whether we are ready or not.

That is why I would like to thank the teachers of the elementary schools, secondary schools, universities  who took part in the presentation. To Bratislava Autonomous Region, which as the founder of the schools, also took part in the presentation. Next to Slovak Saving Bank, Tatra Bank as well as to saint Michael´s hospital. Thanks belongs to the Ministry of the Interior of the Slovak Republic as well as  to my former teachers from the Academy of Police Corps.