Where else could we end the shooting training year than in Shooting Center Lešť. And therefore on 4.12.2019 we met up with the instructors of special training from center Lešť to do a whole day occupation oriented on a short gun.
The weather was “ideal” to achieve shooting progress.The Thermometer was showing nice – 10 degrees in the morning.The last time I had a training in such freezing wheather was many years ago when I was Instructor for the Unit of special assigment.I was a bit worried that my hands will freeze to the gun ;-). Luckily the sun came out, it was windless and we had a great day.
We paid attention to sight shooting which is the base for dynamic shooting.It is interesting to observe and know your dispersion (shooting picture) on the target in such a temperature conditions.Let’s be honest how many of you were last time shooting in minus degrees? The most of the cases we are shooting when the sun is shining and it’s warm…
We couldn’ t leave out target moving and to warm ourself up we were practising transfers and stabilizations.At the end we build up a shooting stage which we divided to four parts and that were we “drilling”.Firstly each part alone than we gradually started to connect them and at the end all together. And of course from the reverse too so the shooter can evaluate which stabilization (from which side) suits him better.It’s a feedback which straight away shows what is dominant in whom.And with that in mind that dynamic shooting is the most complex shooting which exists where we have to shoot everything ( I mean all sorts of targets, different distances, uncomfortable positions, weak/strong hand, quick transfers, stabilization, moving targets, shooting in movement) simply all! And therefore it is very important to pay attention to the shooting techniques which we are not so good at, where we fall behind. Unfortunetly the opposite is true and a majority of shooters are practising what they are good at because it is so coool 😉
Simply we had a great freezing shooting day and I am sure we shifted our shooting level again a bit further.
I wish the guys from Special training as well as the whole training Center Lešť to have a Marry Christmas in the circle of their families and to the New Year I wish them good health and lots of shooting enthusiasm.