The Championship of Asia and Australia in gun shooting according to the IPSC rules took place from 11th till 17th November. 927 shooters in total from all over the world participated in this competition.Continents as Europe, Africa, South and North America were represented here. There were 24 shooting situations waiting for the shooters on which you needed the minimum of 425 shots.The competiton was hard just taken in account that the participants had to deal with the high temperature and huge humidity. Unfortunetly this conditions suited the natives and the shooters from similar climate zone. Even how the shooting situations were build is different from how we are used to in Europe. The whole competiton was technically difficult as the organizer prepared 46 moving targets.Lots of moving targets weren’t activated shooting the metal target but in all sorts of different ways for example with a bowling ball.Than there were 91 steel targets mostly mini poppers and metal plates interleaved with no shoots penalty targets.
The Slovak Dynamic Shooting Association and Slovakia was represented just with 3 shooters who were doing really well in this world competition.Norbert Michalák was doing the best who in production Division ended up in 25th place but in his category he took the first place.Martin Čemsák in the same division took the very Nice 11th place and if he wouldn’t have a weaker last day it would have been even better. Anyway it was a really good experience for this still young and talented shooter. Ernest Nagy in production optic division ended up in 6th place and in his category 2nd place. Norbert Michalák and Ernest Nagy in the final shoot off ( shooting tournament – exhibitation of 8 best shooters in each division) managed to the finals where they couldn’t keep up with their competitors.